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Le notizie di oggi sul New York Times

Administration officials said that the supply of the new vaccine would be highly uneven for the next month. Catch up on Covid-19 news.
“Nomadland” and “Borat” had big nights for film and “The Crown” for TV. But the highlight of the night was Chadwick Boseman’s win for best actor.
Chadwick Boseman’s widow accepted his best actor award. “The Crown” and “The Queen’s Gambit” had a big night in the TV awards.
Here are the winning films, TV shows, actors and production teams at the 2021 Golden Globe Awards.
As border skirmishing increased last year, malware began to flow into the Indian electric grid, a new study shows, and a blackout hit Mumbai. It now looks like a warning.
In his first public appearance since leaving office, Donald Trump went through, by name, every Republican who supported his second impeachment and called for them to be ousted.