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Le notizie di oggi sul New York Times

American users of the social media platform are indisputably exercising their constitutional rights when they post and consume content on the site.
Your Friday Evening Briefing 24-03-2023 | 22:57
Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.
In games like chess, no human can hope to beat a computer. What happens when the same thing occurs in art, politics or religion?
The Manhattan district attorney is resisting demands by House Republicans that he provide information about the hush money inquiry, setting up a potential legal showdown.
The expulsion of Rahul Gandhi is a devastating blow to the once-powerful Indian National Congress party. He and several other politicians are now in jeopardy through India’s legal system.
After ramming through a law raising the retirement age without a full parliamentary vote, the French president faces something approaching a constitutional crisis.