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US officials have discovered an underground tunnel about the length of five football pitches used to smuggle drugs from Mexico to a warehouse in California.
The US has successfully tested a hypersonic weapon, according to the US Air Force.
Dogs can be trained within weeks to detect a COVID-19 infection, with a degree of accuracy comparable to a nose and throat swab test, according to new research.
Dozens of badly wounded Ukrainian soldiers have arrived in Novoazovsk after being evacuated from Azovstal steel plant in the city of Mariupol.
Photographs of Amber Heard with red marks, bruises and swelling on her face - the result, she alleges, of her and Johnny Depp's final fight - have been shown in court.
A Greek helicopter pilot who tried to claim his British wife was killed by armed robbers at their Athens home has been convicted of her murder.
Vladimir Putin has said Russia has no issue with Finland and Sweden, but warned Moscow would react to the expansion of military infrastructure on their territories as both countries move closer to joining NATO.
A retired British geologist who faces the death penalty over accusations he tried to smuggle artefacts out of Iraq has told a court he had no idea he was breaking the law.
A convicted murderer in Israel is set to become a millionaire through his tech company, which is expected to go public on the Tel Aviv stock exchange.
A gunman who killed one worshipper and wounded five others at a church in California was stopped after a pastor hit him over the head with a chair and members of the congregation tied him up.
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