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Global fashion brand Michael Kors, which also owns Jimmy Choo, says it is to end its use of fur.
Dutch police have shot a man wielding a knife at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.
A woman who paid a hitman in Bitcoin in a failed plot to murder her boyfriend has been jailed.
Agreeing a Brexit deal by the March 2019 deadline will be "dramatically difficult", the European Union has warned.
A 200-strong police force is scouring every nook and cranny of farmhouses and warehouses belonging to 30 allies of Mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro to flush out the fugitive Godfather.
NASA has identified another solar system with as many planets as ours, announcing this week the discovery of an eighth planet circling the Kepler-90 star.
The head of Britain's Armed Forces has warned there is a growing risk of a Russian attack on undersea communication cables.
An inquiry into child sex abuse in Australia says the Catholic Church should end mandatory celibacy among clergy.
A mysterious cigar-shaped object in space is not an alien craft, according to initial scans carried out by scientists.
At least six children have died after a school bus was split in two in a collision with a train in southern France.