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Legislation to enable asylum seekers to be sent to the African nation could pass its final stages later.
The novelist, best known for her Shopaholic series of novels, revealed her diagnosis on social media.
Mohammed Abbkr is sentenced to a hospital order after being found guilty of attempted murder.
The platform has been given 24 hours to provide information about the potential risks of TikTok Lite.
The UAE is known for hot and dry weather but heavy rains have become more regular in recent years.
The UK foreign secretary tells Israeli leaders not to risk escalating tensions in the Middle East.
Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows, both aged nine, were killed in Brighton in 1986.
New official figures show that inflation, the rate at which prices rise over time, fell again in March.
Lloyds says thousands have fallen victim to ticket scams, with fans losing an average of £332 each.
Tension in the Middle East has ratcheted up again after Iran's attack on Israel, as the world waits to see how Benjamin Netanyahu's government will respond. 
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