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One of Australia's most decorated living war veterans has lost a defamation lawsuit against three newspapers which accused him of war crimes in Afghanistan.
Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann said they recovered several items during last week's search operation in a Portuguese reservoir.
Kim Jong Un's sister has vowed North Korea will be successful in its efforts to launch a spy satellite - after its most recent attempt ended in failure.
A three-year-old boy has been hit and killed by a car as he headed to a soft play centre to celebrate his birthday.
New anti-LGBTQ+ laws have been passed in Uganda, expanding on rules which already criminalised same-sex acts and carried a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.
A Malaysian climber was saved from the "death zone" of Mount Everest by Nepali Sherpa guides and another climber.
Thirteen members of the same family in Namibia have died after eating suspected toxic porridge, the country's state broadcaster has said.
A senior Indian government official, who approved a reservoir to be drained so his colleague could find his phone, has been fined more than £500.
A patch of phosphorescent green liquid that appeared in Venice's Grand Canal was caused by the chemical fluorescein.
Sitting on the Dnipro River in Russian-occupied Ukraine is Europe's largest nuclear power station - on the frontline of a worsening war.
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