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Speed cameras are also expected to be installed on the road where the Duke of Edinburgh's car overturned.
The man is questioned over claims he racially abused a waitress at a force's Christmas party.
Israeli student Aiia Maasarwe was attacked while on the phone to her sister, police say.
El Chapo's former mistress fled with the notorious Mexican drug lord - who was naked - through a tunnel under a bathtub, a court heard.
The government may block the Speaker from getting a peerage when he retires, a source suggests.
Japanese officials are trying to work out whether the famous British street artist has paid a visit.
Patients in England are struggling to get hold of drugs such as painkillers and anti-depressants.
Some councils aim to fill potholes within minutes but others take more than a day, new figures show.
Half a million people chose a grey car in 2018 making it the most popular colour for the first time.
Members of Congress who were due to join the trip are left sitting on a bus at Capitol Hill.