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Only three Allied prisoners managed to escape the German PoW camp, 50 were executed.
The military says the vote will restore democracy, but it is expected to remain influential.
The man was found stabbed to death in a property in Pinner, north-west London, at about 06:00 GMT.
Hundreds are being airlifted from the cruise ship, which suffered engine problems in choppy seas.
Five people are taken to hospital following a crash involving a people carrier and a car in Birmingham.
Senior Tories may back the PM's deal if they know she will not lead the next stage of EU negotiations.
A minister is among five dead after gunmen stormed a government building in Somalia.
An RAF aircraft is to deliver 20 tonnes of UK aid supplies to countries devastated by Cyclone Idai.
At least 700 people have now been declared dead across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.
Voting is under way in Thailand's first election since its military ousted an elected government in a 2014 coup.