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Disorder broke out in the area after police were called to an incident in Luxor Street.
Five activists have received prison sentences of between four and five years over the disruption.
Malaria parasites that can shrug off the effects of artemisinin are now well-established in East Africa.
The funding for Africa and the Middle East aims to address the factors driving people to flee their homes.
A timeline of the events leading up to the attempted assassination of Trump has begun to emerge.
First report from Covid Inquiry says better planning would have saved lives and lessened economic costs.
Dancer Graziano Di Prima kicked celebrity partner Zara McDermott once during rehearsals last year.
Juan Cifuentes and Farooq Abdulrazak are feared to be the men whose bodies were found in a burned-out car.
Ucas says the change will encourage applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply to higher education.
Footage has emerged showing some of the last movements of those who died after a suspected cyanide poisoning at a Bangkok hotel.
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