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Le notizie di oggi sul New York Times

The jockeying for position is well underway in case the 82-year-old House speaker decides to retire. Among those praising her ahead of a possible run: another Pelosi.
The default should be forbearance for those who’ve breached woke etiquette.
Both threats of political violence and actual attacks have become a steady reality of American life. Experts blame dehumanizing and apocalyptic language.
Turning the tables, Trump is Elliot Mess.
Summer’s Down Elevator 13-08-2022 | 12:35
Make the most of the last weeks of summer, whether you’re dreading the end of the season or dancing about it.
After fleeing the war in Ukraine with his mother, Maksym Kryshtafor, 8, is using his passion for chess to help him assimilate into the United Kingdom.